Reconstructive Concepts 
Our Company History: Reconstructive Concepts has been remodeling homes for over 10 years.  Owner and licensed general contractor Michael Duvall started Duvall Reconstruction LLC in 2003.  The company became Reconstructive Concepts  in 2008 due to a new partnership.  The company was successful, but due to a massive sewer backup flood, (the first of many to come) suffered a massive loss and dissolved. Michael Duvall then started all over again with damaged tools and expert skill.  Reconstructive Concepts LLC has now rebuilt itself into a flourishing remodeling company.    We are fully licensed with the State of Wisconsin as a Dwelling Contractor.  Our liability insurance is filed with the state and copies of our certificate of insurance are available upon request.  We stay current with all required continuing education requirements and strive to stay current with all new “safer” construction methods.  Our company continues to grow as our loyal customer base keeps expanding.  Thank you for your interest in our company. If you have any other questions about our company history we are always happy to answer them.
Our History
We take a different, more personal approach to the remodeling process than most companies.  We like to educate our customers on the work we perform.  We strive to help home owners understand their homes better, and are always happy to answer questions.  Secondly, we design and install our own work.  This helps keep problems out of the construction phase by eliminating design flaws.  We also help you pick out the fixtures and materials you want.  We will actually go shopping with you to make sure you get what you want.  Our customers are walked through the remodeling process step by step and our 3D design capabilities allow you to see your project before it begins. We take pride in our work and guarantee that we will never cheap out and always use only premium grade name brand construction materials.  We love what we do and it shows.  So if you’re ready for an enjoyable remodeling project, call us today!
Our Philosophy
We offer our services at time/material billing. Our hourly labor rates are $40-60/hr with apprentices at half charge. ($25/hr min)  All our time/material bills include all billable material costs (with receipts if applicable) and hours worked.  We do require contracts on all large remodels.  We do this for both your and our protection.  With our contracts we do issue lien notification with annual penalty % if unpaid.  We submit all lien waivers with final payment.  We do this for both party’s protection.  This guarantees all work is done to contractual satisfaction, and all payments are made.  Once the lien waiver is handed over, all lien rights are null and void, giving you the comfort of knowing there will be NO late or extra billing.  A little known fact is that any un-paid subcontractor has lien rights to your home even if you didn’t hire them.  If you hire a general contractor that doesn’t pay his subcontracted labor, even if you paid the general contractor, the unpaid labor has lien rights on your home and can file against your home.  This can cause you to pay for parts of your project twice. This is why, by law, when you make your final payment, you should receive all lien waivers from every company that worked on your project.  We do almost all our work “in house” and use only subcontractors we trust and have worked with for years.  For more on construction law and how to protect yourself, see http://wilawlibrary.gov/topics/realprop.php      We try to make sure that all “fly by night” and scam artist contractors are stopped by informing the public of their rights.  Wisconsin is continually changing construction law, and licensing practices to help protect home owners from these criminals.  But please remember, the majority of contractors are self-employed, hard working, good people.  We at Reconstructive Concepts want our customers to think of us as their friend in the construction business.  We consistently give discounts to returning customers and will always recommend only trustworthy companies if you need a service we can’t provide. We hope this information was helpful.
Our Rates (and some useful info)