Reconstructive Concepts 
From custom made cabinets, bars, and trim we have the expertise to do it all. We mill down our hardwoods from rough cut boards.  This may take a little extra time but cuts the lumber costs down.  Anyone familiar with woodworking knows, the cost of hardwoods is getting out of control. Woods like cherry and walnut are upwards of $13-20/ ft if you buy finish milled boards.  We get all our rough cut lumber from endeavor hardwoods in central Wisconsin. Please enjoy the slide shows and videos below.
Here is a video of us cutting straight edges on rough cut cherry.  Rough cut boards do not have straight edges on them. In fact some of the board edges have the bark left on them from the tree. We use a jig to run the board straight through the blade to give it one straight edge. We then remove the board from the jig and run it through again riding the newly cut straight edge.  This gives the board 2 square, straight edges.  We do this after planing the board smooth and to the thickness we desire. This video was shot while we were milling these boards on site!