Reconstructive Concepts 
Custom Built Standing Showers
We build showers to fit any space! It is hard to truly capture the beauty and size of these showers in just pictures, so we have 6 videos of standing showers we’ve recently built below. You will also find a detailed description of how we combine old school durability with new age products to give you a gorgeous, leak-free shower to enjoy for years.
We combine old school proven construction methods with new  age products to give you the most leak free shower we can. We start with a PVC liner and clamp down drain.  The PVC liner is lined on the floor and at least 8” up the walls.  If water ever finds its way through the cement and tile it hits this liner and  drains through weep holes designed in the clamp down drain. Next  we pour a pitched cement slab over the liner. We then add the Cement board base walls down on top of the poured cement slab. We then tile the floor, then the walls. This consistent overlapping of materials ensures that the water flows toward the drain, not  behind the walls. There are many easier and quicker ways to build  a standing shower, but these methods haven’t been around long  enough for us to ensure they stand up to time. This method has stood the test of time and has been improved upon through out the years.   So When we say “its built to last,” we mean it.